Apple Of His Eyes Learning Center

Apple Of His Eyes Learning Center is a structured environment for every child. Each child is provided with their individual schedule from their first day with us, depending on the child abilities it could be photo icons, text schedules or both. And they learn with or without cues to change activities on a timely basis by prompts, timers etc, we like to think this is where their independence begins.

Our staff receive regular in-service training to enable them serve our children with caring heart and knowledge of working with individual needs.

Apple Of His Eyes Learning Center uses different reinforcements as maybe necessary to get the best out of our children, we rely on parents to let us know what their child would absolutely enjoy working for, to bring the best out of them.

Some reasons to choose Apple of His Eyes Learning Center:

  • Tailored goals
  • We focus on good manners
  • Our environment is safe and children friendly
  • Under the leadership of experienced qualified teacher

Talk to us today, we can make a tailored plan to fit your child’s individual growth needs so he can go into school prepared and confident.